Soal Dan Jawaban CCNA1 Modul 1 Practice Test
Soal Dan Jawaban CCNA1 Modul 1 Practice Test

CCNA1 module 1 practice test (answers in italics)

Which of the following best defines networking?

A         A set of rules of procedures that are either widely used or officially specified

B         A connection of computers, printers and other devices for the purpose of communication

C         A set of rules that govern how computer workstations exchange information

D         A device that is connected to a computer to perform auxiliary functions

Which of the following terms is used in computing to refer to programs or applications?

A         hardware

B         software         

C         protocol

D         network

You want to connect a computer to a network or the Internet. Which devices might you use to make the connection? Choose two.

A         Graphics card

B         Modem

C         Switch

D         Router

E         NIC

Which of the following terms applies to devices that are connected to a computer to provide auxiliary functions such as printing, added disk space, scanning or CD-ROM?

A         protocol

B         software         

C         peripheral

D         network

What is the name given to a set of rules and conventions which must be followed when transferring data across a network?

A         Peripheral

B         Software

C         Web browser

D         Protocol

E          Specification

Why did standalone computers become an inefficient way for a business to operate?

A         Businesses had to duplicate equipment and resources

B         It was difficult to communicate quickly or efficiently between computers

C         It was difficult to provide management and support for computers

D         All of the above

You are choosing a NIC to install in a PC. Which of the following facts are most important to your choice? (Choose three)

A         You use Netscape Navigator as your web browser

B         You use Windows XP as your operating system

C         You use Microsoft Outlook for e-mail

D         Your PC has a free PCI expansion slot

E          Your PC has a Pentium 4 processor

F          Your network has 30 hosts already connected to it

G         Your network is a 100Mbps Ethernet network

H         Your network uses UTP cable with RJ45 connectors

Which can a web browser do without any plug-ins? (Choose three)

A         Check for viruses

B         Play Realtime movies

C         Use a URL to contact a web server

D         Request information from a web server

E          Show Flash animations

F          Display Adobe Acrobat pdf files

G         Receive information from a web server

Which of the following is an expansion board inserted into a computer so that the computer can be connected to a network

A         Motherboard

B         SCSI card

C         NIC

D         Video adapter

E          RJ45

F          Serial port

A cable modem is

A         A 56kbps dial-up modem

B         A high speed digital connection available to members of the public

C         A high speed digital connection available only to businesses

D         A link between computers on the same LAN

E          A connection used for TV and not for computers

The Internet physical layer connection is concerned with (choose two)

A         Putting signals from your computer on to a network cable

B         Displaying web pages on your computer screen

C         Using Internet Protocol to route messages to the right destination

D         Using a NIC or a modem to connect your computer to a medium

E          Compressing data for more efficient transmission

Netscape Navigator is (choose two)

A         A web browser

B         A plug in

C         A protocol

D         An application

E          A routing device

Which of the following are applications?

A         Microsoft Word

B         Internet Explorer

C         Lotus 1-2-3 (spreadsheet)

D         Microsoft Outlook

E          Dreamweaver (web design package)

F         All of them


A         A set of standards for designing network cards

B         A set of protocols used on the Internet to allow computers to communicate

C         A type of connector used for connecting network cables

D         A standard for cables used on WANs

E          A technology used only on local area networks

What happens if you give the command ping

A         You send a broadcast message to all computers on the network

B         You send a message to the nearest router

C         Nothing happens unless you are on the network

D         You test the internal loopback of your own computer

E          You will always get a reply

Six computers are connected by a hub to make a small local area network. Their IP addresses are,,,, and There is a problem in communication. Why?

A         Two of the hosts have the same IP address

B         IP addresses are not used on local area networks

C         The IP addresses suggest that one of the computers is on a different network

D         The IP addresses are not in the right order – the smallest number should come first

E          There are missing IP addresses in the list

What must all the computers on a network be able to do for the network to operate properly?

A         Print to a local printer

B         Connect to a telephone line

C         Use CD-ROMs

D         Use the same protocols

What is another name for binary?

A         Base 2

B         Base 8

C         Base 10

D         Base 16

E          Base 32

Convert the decimal number 248 into binary. Which is the answer?

A         11111000

B         11110000

C         11110100

D         11001100

E          11111100

F          11111011

Convert the decimal number 130 into binary. Which is the answer?

A         10000100

B         10000001

C         10000010

D         10001001

E          10000110

F          10000111

This IP address is written in binary.


What is the IP address in base 10?





Convert the hexadecimal number A7 into decimal. Which is the answer?

A         196

B         169

C         197

D         179

E          176

F         167

Convert the base 16 number 88 into base 10. Which is the answer?

A         58

B         85

C         79

D         97

E         136

F          163

What is the hexadecimal number FF in binary?

A         00000011

B         11111111

C         11000000

D         10101010

E          You can’t convert FF to binary

F          FF is not a valid hexadecimal number

How many different combinations can you get using 2 bits?

A         2

B         3

C         4

D         5

E          6

How many different combinations can you get using 4 bits?

A         4         

B         8

C         16

D         32

E          64

How many different combinations can you get using 8 bits?

A         8

B         16

C         64

D         128

E         256

F          512

Which statements are true? (Choose 3)

A         The hexadecimal number F5 is bigger than the hexadecimal number ED

B         The biggest hexadecimal number you can make with two digits is 99

C         Another name for hexadecimal is base 6

D         The hexadecimal number D8 is an odd number

E         The hexadecimal number B9 is worth 185 in decimal

F          There is no such hexadecimal number as BAC

G         There is no such hexadecimal number as 5G

If you disagree with the answers, please let me know. I might have got them wrong.


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