Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Beserta Kunci Jawaban Kisi-kisi
Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Beserta Kunci Jawaban Kisi-kisi

Kumpulan Soal Ujian Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawaban – Soal pilihan ganda dan jawaban Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris
bisa anda dapatkan disini.

Soal pilihan ganda biasanya digunakan dalam proses evaluasi seperti Ujian
Tengah Semester (UTS) / Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS), Ujian Akhis Semester
(UAS) / Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS), Ujian Sekolah (US) ataupun Ujian
Nasional (UN).

Soal Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris 2018 dan pembahasan dapat mempermudah siswa
dalam belajar untuk mempersiapkan diri dalam mengerjakan soal UN tahun ini.

Soal un Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dan pembahasannya 2018 bisa anda gunakan
sebagai acuan dalam belajar dikarenakan biasanya soal yang akan muncul di
kemudian hari tidak jauh berbeda dengan soal yang pernah ada sebelumnya.

Sontoh soal ujian Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris smk 2019 bisa anda dapatkan
pada website ini dengan gratis dan mudah bahkan kita sertakan juga jawabanya.

soal dan jawaban Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 semoga bisa membantu
anda dalam belajar. Jangan khawatir tidak ada pelajaran yang susah yang ada
hanyalah manusia yang tidak mau belajar.

Soal Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dan pembahasan biasanya sudah banyak terdapat
di internet dengan sedikit usaha dan kemauan insyaallah anada akan mendapatkan
apa yang anda inginkan.

Kisi-kisi Soal Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris

MateriIndicator soal
Introducing Mengidentifikasi bacaan tentang introducing self
 Mengidentifikasi dialogue tentang introducing self
 Mengidentifikasi dialog dengan pola simple present tense
 Melengkapi dialog tentang introducing self
 Melengkapi dialog dengan pola simple present tense
 Melengkapi paragraph tentang introducing others
 Melengkapi paragraph tentang introducing self
 Menterjemahkan kalimat dengan pola simple present tense
Complimenting and Showing careMengidentifikasi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan complimenting
 Mengidentifikasi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan showing care
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan complimenting
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan showing care
Expressing IntentionMengidentifikasi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan pola future tense
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
 Menyusun kalimat yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
 Menterjemahkan kalimat yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
Expressing congratulationMengidentifikasi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan ungkapan intention
Kegiatan yang sudah terjadi (Past event)Mengidentifikasi recount text
 Mengidentifikasi dialog yang menggunakan pola simple past tense
 Melengkapi dialog yang menggunakan pola simple past tense
Descriptive text Mengidentifikasi descritive text tentang orang
 Mengidentifikasi descritive text tentang tempat wisata
 Melengkapi descritive text tentang orang
 Menyusun kalimat tentang tempat wisata
 Menyusun descritive text tentang orang

Soal Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris

Multiple choice. 
Question 1 to 3 refer to the following text. 
Good morning. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Fauzan. I am from Bandung. I am a tenth grade student of Senior High School. I am fifteen years old now. I was born on December 2000. I like playing drum. I practice playing drum everyday at home. I have a set of drum at home. My favorite food is fried rice. My favorite drink is orange juice. I want to be a doctor one day. I think, it’s enough for my introduction. Thank you very much for your attention. 
1.      What is Fauzan’s hobby? 
A.    eating 
B.     drinking orange juice 
C.     playing drum 
D.    playing basketball. 
2.      What is Fauzan’s favorite food? 
A.    fried rice 
B.     fried egg 
C.     fried noodle 
D.    fried chicken 
3.      What does he want to be in the future? 
A.    Teacher 
B.     Doctor 
C.     Nurse 
D.    Drum player 
Question 4 to 6 refer to the following text. 
When I was in Junior High School, my class organized a trip to Borobudur Temple. I was delighted and joined it. There were 46 students and two teachers. I bought tinned cold drinks and packets of chips for the journey. We departed at 7 a.m. from our school in two different buses. We enjoyed the temple and scenery there. There were many foreign tourists. My teacher helped us to speak with them. Then, we had lunch at a bought some souvenirs such as shirts, stones things, and hat for my family at home. When the sun set, our teacher asked us to get on the bus. We arrived at our school at 6 p.m. My father waited for me. I was really happy at that time because it was my last time to see my friends at Junior High School. 
4.      When did the writer and his classmate leave their school? 
A.    at 7 p.m 
B.     at 7 a.m 
C.     at 6 a.m 
D.    at 6 p.m 
5.      Who joined the trip to Borobudur? 
A.    The writer and his family 
B.     The writer and his friends 
C.     The writer and two of his teachers 
D.    The writer, his class, and two of his teachers 
6.      Which of the following title is suitable for the text above? 
A.    A trip to Borobudur 
B.     An amazing experience 
C.     The writer’s beautiful day 
D.    Borobudur temple 
Question 7 to 9 refer to the following text. 
My name is Tom. I live with my uncle. I want to tell about him now. My uncle’s name is George. He is a manager at Advertisement Company. He is tall man. His height is 175 cm. His weight is 60 kg. He has round face. His eyes are round and brown. He also has thick eyebrows. His nose is flat. His hair is short and curly. He has puce skin. 
My uncle is a very kind man. He always helps the neighbors. He is also friendly to everyone. He always greets people he knows first. He also responds people who greet him well. He is a polite man. He never talks loudly and rudely. 
My father always washes his car in the morning. He washes it once a week. He also likes reading newspaper every morning. While reading the newspaper, he has a cup of coffee. He always has breakfast at seven o’clock. He usually has a slice of bread for breakfast. After having breakfast, he leaves for office. 
7.      How tall is George? 
A.    170 cm 
B.     177 cm 
C.     175 cm 
D.    174 kg 
8.      How is George’s hair? 
A.    short and curly 
B.     short and straight 
C.     long and curly 
D.    short and blonde 
9.      Which one is not true about George? 
A.    He has slice bread for breakfast. 
B.     He is friendly to everyone. 
C.     He likes reading newspaper in the morning. 
D.    He washes his car everyday. 
Question 10 to 12 refer to the following text. 
Ujung Kulon National Park is located in Banten Province, Indonesia. It includes the volcanic island group of Krakatau and other islands including Panaitan, as well as smaller offshore islets such as Handeuleum and Peucang on the Sunda Strait. Several species of endangered plants and animals can be found there, the Javan rhinoceros being the most seriously under threat. 
The park also protects 57 rare species of plant. The 35 species of mammal include Banteng, Silvery gibbon, Javan lutung, Crab-eating maca-que, Javan leopard, Java mouse deer and Rusa deer. There are also 72 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 240 species of birds. 
10.  What is the text about? 
A.    The world heritage 
B.     Mount Krakatau 
C.     Panaitan Island 
D.    Ujung Kulon National Park 
11.  Where is it located? 
A.    West Java 
B.     Banten 
C.     Jakarta 
D.    East Java 
12.  What animals is focus there? 
A.    Javan rhinoceros 
B.     Javan leopard 
C.     Javan lutung 
D.    Javan mouse-deer 
13.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Man : Nice weather, right? 
Woman : Yes, it is. I like it. 
Man: Hi, I’m John. And you? 
Woman: Hi, I’m Catty.  
Man : Are you a new member in this club? 
Woman : Yes, I am. 
Man: Oh, I see. I had never seen you before? 
What can we learn from the dialogue above? 
A.    The man knew the woman. 
B.     They didn’t recognize to each other. 
C.     The man is not the member of the club. 
D.    The woman has met the man before. 
14.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Girl : I heard that you helped a little girl who got accident yesterday. 
Boy : Yes, I asked her to the clinic.
Girl : You are very kind.
Boy : Thanks
What makes the man compliment the woman? 
A.    The woman’s achievement  
B.     The woman’s grade 
C.     The woman’s appearance 
D.    The woman’s personality 
15.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Tom : You look hurried. What’s wrong?
Jerry : I am going to tell you after I finish my problem. 
Tom : Is that a serious problem?
Jerry : I’d like to tell you, but not now.
Tom : Okay, I’ll wait your message.
What can we conclude from the dialogue above? 
A.    Jerry is going to inform Tom about his problem. 
B.     Jerry will tell Tom later. 
C.     Tom will tell Jerry later. 
D.    Jerry is going to solve his problem with Tom. 
16.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Juan : I heard that you won a competition.
Rebecca : Yes. I participated in swimming competition.
Juan : That’s great. Congratulations!
Rebecca : Thank you.
What is the news? 
A.    The man is the winner of the competition. 
B.     The man cannot swim. 
C.     The woman congratulates the man. 
D.    The woman won a swimming competition. 
17.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Man :Wow, is that your trophy?
Woman : Yes. I got it from the singing competition few hours ago.
Man : Congratulations. I admit that your voice is beautiful.
What happened to the woman? 
A.    Bought a trophy. 
B.     Won a competition. 
C.     Had a problem with her voice. 
D.    Found a trophy 
18.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Ahmad : What do you usually do every Sunday morning?
Rifai : I usually wake up at 4 a.m. After getting pray, I take some exercises with my brother before having breakfast. Then, I leave to school.
What does Rifai do after having breakfast? 
A.    He feeds the fish. 
B.     He takes some exercises. 
C.     He leaves to school. 
D.    He washes his motorcycle. 
19.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Andri : Look at the calendar! There are two holidays.
Rudi : We will have long holidays. Do you have a plan for your holiday?
Andri : Yes, I do. My mother and I are going to visit our grandmother at the village. How about you?
Rudi : I don’t have any plan yet. Maybe I would like to stay at home and sleep.
What does Rudi plan for his holiday? 
A.    He wants to visit his grandmother. 
B.     He will go to the village. 
C.     He is going to his grandmother’s house. 
D.    He doesn’t have any plan yet. 
20.  Read the following dialog and answer the question. 
Frank : Hi, you look sad. What happened?
Ony : I got a bad score.
Frank : Don’t be sad. You still have time for doing remedial.
Why did Ony look sad? 
A.    He gets a bad score. 
B.     He gets a remedial test. 
C.     He got a bad score. 
D.    He got a remedial test. 
For questions 21 to 34, choose the appropriate expression to complete the dialog. 
21.  Mr. Thomson : I’d like to introduce my self. I’m Mr. Thomson. I’m glad to meet you.
Mrs. Rowling : … .
A.    Thank you Mr. Thomson. 
B.     I will see you later. 
C.     I’m Mrs. Rowling. I’m happy to meet you. 
D.    I’m Mrs. Rowling. I will see you later. 
22.  Bella : Mom, look! I can make my own cake.
Mother : … . That looks delicious.
A.    Good job! 
B.     You still need more practice. 
C.     That’s awful. 
D.    Where’s the cake? 
23.  Michael : Dad, I finally won a photography contest.
Father : … .
A.    Next time you must be the winner. 
B.     I’m proud of you. 
C.     Do your best. 
D.    What a good photo! 
24.  Cathy : Why didn’t you go to school yesterday?
Diane : I visited my uncle. He got an accident.
Cathy : … .
A.    I’m not good. 
B.     You’re unlucky. 
C.     I’m not sad to hear that. 
D.    I’m sorry to hear that. 
25.  Man : What’s wrong with your feet?
Woman : I fell down from my bike yesterday.
Man : … .
A.    How awful! 
B.     That’s right. 
C.     Not too bad. 
D.    Excellent! 
26.  Ranny : Hey, Kelly. … .
Kelly : You’re right. I have a terrible toothache.
A.    You look so good. 
B.     You look not bad. 
C.     You look in pain. 
D.    You look happy. 
27.  Kate : It will be a long weekend. Do you have plan?
Jane : Yes, I do. … .
Kate : I think you must go to the Bromo mountain, it has a beautiful view?
A.    I will have a cooking class. 
B.     I will go the beach. 
C.     I am going to waterboom. 
D.    I will hiking a mountain with my father. 
28.  Andrew : Hi, Salsa!
Salsa : Hi, Andrew! … ?
Andrew : I’m going to buy ice cream there.
A.    Where are you going? 
B.     Where are you doing? 
C.     Where do you buy ice cream? 
D.    When will you buy ice cream? 
29.  Bruce : What makes you always smile?
Shanty : My house became the winner of the cleaned house in our neighborhood.
Bruce : … .
A.    Wow, you are so clever. 
B.     We are very happy. 
C.     Congratulation for you. 
D.    Don’t you think so? 
30.  Tony : Who won the football match yesterday?
Tim : Our team did. We won two to one.
Tony : Well done … .
Tim Thank you
A.    I’m glad to hear that.  
B.     That’s too bad. 
C.     You’re welcome. 
D.    It’s really annoying. 
31.  Justin : … .
Mark : Well, he usually drives, but today he is taking the bus.
A.    When will Mr. John arrive? 
B.     How did he arrive at school? 
C.     What time does he leave today? 
D.    How does your father go to the office? 
32.  Alice : What’s your brother’s activity during the weekend?
Sheza : … . He’s fond of surfing.
A. He usually goes to the mountain. 
B.  He usually goes for hiking. 
C.  He usually goes to shopping. 
D. He usually goes to the beach. 
33.  Zack : Did your sisters visit your uncle in the hospital?
Dane : Yes, … .
A. they do 
B.  they didn’t 
C.  she did 
D. they did 
34.  Cella : How was your trip to Yogya?
Sandy : It’s nice. … . It made two days too short to pass.
A. I really enjoyed being there. 
B.  I couldn’t see any places. 
C.  I’ll be there again tomorrow. 
D. Yogya really makes everyone happy. 
For questions 35 to 37, complete the following text with the words provided. 
This is my cousin. His name is Candra Wijaya. He is 15 years old. He (35) … in Solo. He is a basketball player. His (36) … is 182 cm. Now, he stays at my house for holidays. He is going to live here for a week. He is a nice person. Many people (37) … him because he is so humble and friendly. 
35.  A. stays 
B. lives 
C. works 
D. leaves 
36.  A. weight 
B. width 
C. high 
D. height 
37.  A. enjoy 
B. like 
C. avoid 
D. hate 
For questions 38 to 40, complete the following text with the words provided. 
Lawang Sewu is an (38) … building in Semarang, Central Java which is the office of the Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij or NIS Spoorweg. It (39) … built in 1904 and completed in 1907. The monument (40) … on the roundabout that used to be called Wilhelminaplein Young. 
38.  A. young 
B. old 
C. big 
D. wide 
39.  A. was 
B. is 
C. are 
D. were 
40.  A. location 
B. located 
C. locates 
D. locating 
1.      Complete the following monologue with the suitable words! 
Hi, my name’s Brad. I (a)… born in Boston, Massachusetts, but my family moved to Los Angeles when I was two, so I grew up there. I (b) … from middle school about three years ago and I am currently attending a high school in my city. I (c) … a junior and I am interested in social science, especially economics. I also have piano course. My life is really busy, but I enjoy hiking, reading and hanging out with my friend in my free time. 
2.      Complete the following dialogue with the suitable words! 
Kanya : Hi Tita,(a) …. ?
Tita : Hi, I am very well, thanks. How are you?
Kanya : I am also good, thanks. What’s your (b)… tomorrow?
Tita : I will(c) … my room.
Kanya : What will you do after that?
Tita : I don’t know. Perhaps I would like to watch TV.
3.      Translate these sentences into English! 
a.       Kita bermain sepakbola di lapangan setiap hari Sabtu. 
b.      Saya akan datang ke rumah kamu untuk membicarakan tugas kelompok. 
4.      Arrange the following words into good sentences! 
a.       very-Malioboro-and-is-becomes-destination-of-one-tourist-street-popular 
b.      would – to – house – than – phone – I – rather – by – go – house – your – call – you 
5.      Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph! 
a.       She has nice attitude. 
b.      She likes making pudding and cake 
c.       She likes helping people who need help. 
d.      My mother is friendly. 
e.       Chocolate pudding which she makes is the best. 
f.       She is good at making kinds of pudding and cake. 

Kunci Jawaban Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris

1.             C
2.             A
3.             B
4.             A
5.             D
6.             A
7.             C
8.             A
9.             D
10.         D
11.         B
12.         A
13.         B
14.         D
15.         B
16.         D
17.         B
18.         C
19.         D
20.         C
21.         C
22.         A
23.         B
24.         D
25.         A
26.         C
27.         D
28.         A
29.         C
30.         A
31.         D
32.         D
33.         D
34.         A
35.         B
36.         D
37.         B
38.         B
39.         A
40.         B
1.       a. was
b. graduted
c. am
2.       a. How are you
c. clean
3.       a. We play football on the field every Saturday.
b. I will come to your house to talk about group assignment.
4.       a. Malioboro street is very popular and becomes one of tourist destination
b. I would rather go to your house than by phone call you.
5.      My mother is friendly.  She has nice attitude. She likes helping people who need help.She likes making pudding and cake. She is good at making kinds of pudding and cake. Chocolate pudding which she makes is the best.


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