Free Learning Management System

Free Learning Management System

If we discuss the free learning management system, we will think of a powerful but free LMS.

An LMS is powerful when the free learning management can provide many features and benefits to its users.

the free learning management system is very sought after because this application is very helpful for users who want to use an LMS for their institution or school.

When talking about free learning management , there will be one very global LMS that is often used by large agencies. Namely is moodle, moodle is a free learning management system that has many features and has a myriad of advantages.

Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment which is a software or software that is created for the activities of the teaching and learning process that uses internet media.

Moodle free learning management system can be used freely as an open source software with the GNU license.

Free learning management Moodle has a lot of features that people really need. We will provide any features in moodle.

With a myriad of features that Moodle has, there are several excellent features, namely:

Chat or discussion forums, Share Learning Materials, Calendar, Ranking, Quiz Online, Online Exams, Assignments, Online Registration, File Upload, File Download, User Level, Student Activity Log, Assessment, Various types of exam questions and so on.

moodle free learning management system if we want to use it we have to install moodle on a server that can run PHP and Mysql. Moodle requires a server as a container to hold data and software. Moodle can be downloaded for free on the official moodle site.

Moodle is a very popular free learning management system. Has very much discussion forum support. In discussion forums spread on the internet we can search for information that we need if we get problems when using the Moodle free learning management system application.

Free learning management Moodle can be installed on various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Unix Mac OS and so on. The most important thing is that the operating system supports the use of PHP and databases.

Even some online hosting providers also provide moodle installation packages to make it easier for hosting users to create educational websites using moodle.

Some of the artiques about the free learning management system are useful and enlightening about free LMS using moodle. Although it’s free but it’s really very powerful.

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