Chord Guitar Postcards From Italy – Beirut

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Postcards From Italy Chords


[Verse 1]
    F                          A
The times we had, oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow
     F                       A
Were not all bad, we put our feet just where they had
       F            A
Had to go, never to go

[Verse 2]
    F                        A
The shattered soul following close, but nearly twice as slow
   F                          A
In my good times there were always golden rocks to throw
F                         A
At those who, those who admit defeat too late
               F                     A
Those were our times, those were our times

F  A       (x5)
F  F
Bb F Dm C  (x2)

    Bb     F                Dm        C
And I will love to see that day, that day is mine
     Bb       F           Dm            C
When she will marry me outside with the willow trees
    Bb F              Dm        C
And play the songs in May, they made me so
    Bb      F                Dm       C
And I would love to see that day, the day was mine

Bb F Dm C   (x9)

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